WIORA berthage in Aran

1) All sailors visiting Kilronan during this event should note that the hammerhead section of the main pier in Kilronan (shown here in yellow) is restricted for ferry traffic only between 1030 and 1900. Please respect the need for regular shipping to operate efficiently. The Harbour Master will be on duty and has authority of enforcement.

2) Boat movement in the Sean Céibh (old, inner harbour) is strictly prohibited on safety grounds from 0800 Mon 3rd to 1800 Saturday 15th as this area is in use for swimming lessons. Please keep a very careful watch out for children in the water. See marine notice below.

3) The cargo pier (shown below) is not available to visiting boats from 0600 to 0900 each day due to the arrival and unloading of the cargo boat from Galway. The pier is reserved for the exclusive use of the Galway Hooker fleet on Sat evening/Sunday morning.

4) Berthage on the RNLI pontoon is forbidden unless permission has been granted. Visiting boats must not obstruct the emergency departure of the lifeboat.

5) Sailors should note that the Aran WIORA 2017/Club Seoltóireacht Arann committee have, with the generous support of their sponsors, made huge strides to install pontoons in Kilronan (shown here as a grey ‘L’) for this historic event.
Due to the large number of racing boats attending this event, these pontoons will ONLY be available to participating boats bearing the Volvo logos. The Volvo logos will be issued to boats that have registered to race in the event. The first 50 boats will be awarded free pontoon berths. These boats will be tied up 6 boats abreast. Boats without race logos will not be allowed to tie to the pontoon by the order of the Harbour Master, who has the authority to remove them without notice, at the owners risk.

6) The committee is also planning to drop 16 mooring blocks which will be funded (€1,000 each) from its own resources 50% and subsidised by BIM FLAG. These moorings will be numbered from 1 to 16.. Approximately half of the moorings will be used by racing boats. The remained are available to rent at €15/night or €80 per week to recoup some of these costs.

Cruising boats can book these moorings by calling Michael Gill @ 087 274 9979. A list of boat names will be allocated to these mooring. No skippers are allowed to pick up a WIORA mooring unless authorised by Michael.

7) There are an additional 12 yellow, heavy block moorings available. These are owned by county council. Yachts have rafted to the moorings in the past. The charge for using these moorings is at the discretion of Galway Co Co. There is not normally a charge.

8) Sections of the main pier, on both sides, if they are not used by local boats, will be available for visiting boats to tie up. Tying up outside the single trawler in the harbour is not allowed as this is required by other local trawlers. Availability of space of the pier wall will need to be confirmed on arrival and charges are at the discretion of the County Council. There is not normally a charge.

Visiting boats need to respect the need for access of local fishermen and boat owners to their craft. Visiting boats must not tie up in a way that could cause damage to any boats already tied up.



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