Kildysart all blocked up

inishcorkerOfficials at Foynes Yacht Club on the River Shannon Estuary noted last month that it came to their “attention that the only way into Kildysart, via Kildysart Creek through the north entrance, has become unsafe to navigate due to the build of up silt through the creek. At the moment you can only enter within an hour or two of high water, & even at that, the risk of going aground is very high. This silt build up is avoidable. The natural flow of water around Inishcorker Island used to keep the channel clear but has become blocked recently”.

In an FYC post to their website, they went on to say that “Anyone concerned should write to Clare County Council to highlight their concern regarding safety of getting into and out of Kildysart at the moment. Letters or emails should be sent to the following address:

Fiona Murren, Planning Office, New Road, Ennis, Co. Clare.

FYC say they “have always included a trip to Kildysart on our annual cruising schedule. We would appreciate if members could voice their concerns with Clare County Council Planning Office.”

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