Sailors loaded on life policy?

clubsailingAN interesting question posed by a an ISA reader is one that all sailors should look at.

Contacted by a concerned watersports participant, the Irish Sailing Association post on their here website that the have “been contacted by a member who has recently received a life insurance quote which had been loaded because of his sailing activities.

“These activities refer only to his general club racing and not offshore or anything which could be deemed a little risky.

Posing the question to the wider sailing community, and one that we echo, the ISA say that they “would like to know if any of our other members have experienced such loading and if so we would be grateful if they could contact us with more information.

“We would like to address this issue on behalf of all of our members as we believe this type of sailing does not warrant a levy.

If you have an experience you would like to share with us confidentially please contact

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